Technology Alignment, Inc.

Technology Alignment, Inc. (TA) has helped its clients around the world manage and profit from every major wave of change in information technology (IT) since 1981 under different operating companies. While many people talk about successful partnerships, TA believes it is best achieved through developing a thorough understanding of the real world needs and problems a business is facing. With this understanding, TA goes beyond simple costly solutions to truly innovative and cost effective solutions.

Technology Alignment provides hardware and software solutions to meet specific market demands such as its IP PBX Telephony solutions. A TA solution through an TA division or Certified Business Partner allows you to expand based on needs and growth. Over the years, we have crafted strong relationships with leading technology providers. We draw upon our own expertise and the array of non-exclusive technology alliances we maintain to deliver the most effective solutions. Each division works closely with our clients to ensure that our initiatives are tailored to their specific needs. We understand the benefits that are derived from having a supplier base that includes small businesses and suppliers of diverse backgrounds.