Objectworld Fast Facts

The way businesses communicate has changed. Employees, suppliers and customers are collaborating more. Customers, partners and coworkers might be around the globe. Business travel is more frequent. Sales and other staff work while on the road or at home. More of your employees are on the move and customer service expectations are on the rise. But your employees are playing phone tag with customers down the street or across the globe and sifting through overflowing e-mail inboxes. Costs for long-distance charges, paging services and fax equipment are making a difference to your bottom line every month. Older phone systems simply can’t keep up with the way business communications has changed. UC Server delivers all-in-one VoIP, Unified Messaging, Unified Communications and more for Microsoft® Windows® platforms at a price that any business can afford.

Cut costs with UC Server.
Save up to 30% on phone service with UC Server’s VoIP and an Internet Telephony Service Provider. Reduce operational expenses by consolidating your network topology and eliminating costs for separate equipment and services for fax, Interactive Voice Response and paging. Reduce travel expenses by teleconferencing securely with remote coworkers and customers instead of meeting on-site. Add branch offices and mobile workers any where in the world online without expensive integration.

Choose with assurance.
Deploy the servers, phones and media gateways of your choice. By choosing Objectworld Connect™-certified hardware, software and services you get the assurance and peace of mind of Objectworld second-line support. Change phone sets and other after-market hardware and software like you change a printer: quickly and easily.

Deploy today, adapt tomorrow.
Deployment takes hours with simple, standard, wizard-based installation. And with UC Server, your business can adapt to meet future or unexpected communications needs easily. UC Server is fully SIP-compliant. Add videoconferencing, instant-messaging and any other SIP-compliant hardware, software or services as needs change.

Take control of your phone system.
Let IT staff manage voice and fax needs more easily, even remotely, with real-time, seamless Active Directory® integration and Remote Desktop management. Replace your phone system entirely with UC Server, or deploy it as an adjunct to your current PBX. Save time and money and switch over to VoIP with UC Server when you’re ready.

Deploy one phone system for your whole organization.
Eliminate the need for separate phone system equipment at each of your offices. Integrate teleworkers and other mobile or remote employees easily and cost-effectively. Manage everything centrally with Windows-based software.

Never miss a call.
With UC Server’s AutoAttendant and Personal Call Control tools, employees get calls, messages and new message alerts wherever they are. Employees can route their own calls and messages to suit the way they work with customers or you can put system wide policies in place with point-and-click tools (Objectworld Assistants™) that anyone can use.

Get all your messages in one place.
UC Server works with Microsoft Outlook®/Exchange Server™, IBM® Lotus Notes®/Domino® and any other IMAP4-compliant e-mail client server. Need to check your voice mail? Just look in your inbox. Need to check your e-mail on the road? Phone in and listen to it over the phone with speech-to-text. With UC Server, employees send faxes from their desktops and receive faxes in e-mail.

Improve customer service with intelligent call queues.
Put customers in touch with the right employees as quickly as possible with intelligent call queues. Calls can be routed automatically (for sales or support, for example) or interactively based on the caller’s choices.

Collaborate in real-time with a Presence-aware console.
If you have used an instant messenger, you’re already an old pro with the technology that’s reshaping communications: Presence. UC Server provides a Presence-aware Console that allows administrative staff to know who is available right away to take a sales call or to answer questions and how best to reach a particular employee.

Differentiate competitively by providing information to customers 24/7.
Build Interactive Voice Response applications with our point-and-click, ODBC-enabled service creation environment, or work with one of our VARs to build applications that enhance customer service, customer retention and keep your business ahead of your competitors.

Link business communications with business process.
Whether it’s ERP, e-mail or a Web site, IT has long been a cornerstone of business process, but phone systems have been outside the business process loop. UC Server’s point-and-click service creation environment provides your business with an unprecedented opportunity to integrate business communications, whether it’s voice, fax, IVR, or e-mail, into your business processes.

If you need help, it’s always available.
Objectworld Authorized Resellers are located across North America to provide you with local sales, setup, service and support for Objectworld UC Server. These partners are trained and certified by Objectworld and they provide a range of choices in related business communications hardware and services.