IPsmarx - Company Profile

Supporting VoIP Service Providers in over 63 countries, IPsmarx Technology has been providing feature rich VoIP solutions since 2001. Their Class 4 & Class 5 Softswitch Solutions and Multi-Tenant PBX Platform with integrated billing have earned them worldwide acclaim.

IPsmarx’s Multi-Tenant IP-PBX: A Winning Platform for the Growing SMB Market

IPsmarx uniquely packages service applications, softswitch, billing, account management, and marketing capabilities for VoIP-based telephony services in a single integrated solution that supports both direct and indirect sales channels. This integrated applications server, softswitch and billing offers several major advantages over other approaches to the SMB market, including:


Reliable, scalable delivery of VoIP business lines, VoIP SIP trunks, and hosted IP-PBX services 
With IPsmarx’s VoIP Business Communications Server, service providers can pursue the SMB market opportunity with confidence in their ability to provide business customers with what they want and need: dependable, low-cost voice services that help them operate more profitably day in and day out.


Lower costs, higher profits 
By providing a less expensive alternative to costly leases or intensive development—and by bundling such complete functionality in a single package—the solution drives down the cost of SMB market success and boosts overall service provider profitability.


Faster time-to-market 
IPsmarx’s complete solution eliminates time-consuming development and integration for service providers and rapidly equips channel partners to start selling services, significantly accelerating time-to-market. This is an especially crucial competitive advantage as the demand curve is beginning to quickly rise.


Improved customer retention 
The reliable service, easy account renewal, and automated email communication that the IPsmarx VoIP Business Communications Server provides, all combine to promote near-term customer satisfaction and long-term customer loyalty. IPsmarx’s solution also promotes customer retention by enabling service providers to keep adding new value-added services to its hosted offerings as necessary to keep pace with customers’ evolving needs.

Integration Description 
IPsmarx Solutions are fully integrated with snom phones and have the following features currently available with their Softswitch and IP-PBX Platform for snom devices.

  • Line Sharing
  • Barge-In
  • Listen In
  • Whisper
  • Paging/Intercom
  • Message Waiting Indicator
  • Automatic Configuration