IBM NGN Factory

The IBM NGN Factory VoIP solution offers a wide range of functionalities for use in medium-sized and large companies and in telecommunications carrier segment. Basic telephony features such as flexible call forwarding , simultaneous ringing as well as advanced ones like manager-secretary, call-pickup et al. known from PBX, are supported.

IBM NGN Factory is a modern SIP-based communications platform characterised by the consistent compliance with open standards (e.g. for the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) from the ETSI TISPAN NGN reference architecture) and a layered structure which ranges from basic call control functions to value-added services. Due to the concept of both horizontal functional extensibility within each layer and, along the vertical axis to meshed services, NGN Factory is a very flexible system which can be tailored to a customer's specific needs. 

NGN Factory has been developed in close corporation with large national and international telecommunication carriers at IBM NGN CC (Competence Center) in Frankfurt, Germany. Several installations around the world prove the carrier grade level of the solution. Expanding the customers audience to whom NGN Factory applies suits into the enterprise segment of the VoIP market, the NGN CC has incorporated different PBX features, basic and advanced, into their solution. Those features like, manager-secretary functionality, Call-Pickup and Call-Completion just to name a few, could be show to work successfully with snom phones. 

The integration of a wide range of service implementations from different vendors is facilitated by standardised integration interfaces. NGN Factory supports standardised integration interfaces either in a native variant, via SIP, or in the form of (web) services, based on XML.