Datus AG

The snom Minibrowser allows its own XML-applications on the screen of the phone. The indali IP PBX provides relevant applications. This is an ideal choice for the operation in enterprises with huge communication support. This symbiosis provides interesting methods and chances to increase the efficiency of the employee. Frequently used applications, like telephone books, call registers and the presence monitor can be displayed very simple on the display of the snom IP telephone.

The following features, like the display of names, telephone number and rerouting of calls are implemented, but also call signalling, pickup groups, message waiting indication and the busy lamp signalling.

Also the configuration of snom telephones in cooperation with the DATUS indali IP PBX is absolute easy. The integrated Auto provisioning Tool takes care for a unified configuration of all snom IP-phones within the enterprise. This functionality guarantees a homogenous basis configuration of all snom IP-phones in the company. The synergy of snom IP-phones and DATUS IP PBX allows also the Hot Desking per feature code. Users are able to login and to use every snom IP-phone everywhere in the company, using their own telephone number and personal configuration. So, the location of work with the enterprise can be organized as flexible as possible.

The indali IP PBX is based on the Asterisk „Open-Source“architecture. All additional features, like conference- and fax-server are still implemented. The IP-PBX is licence free.

DATUS AG is the only Selected Partner of Digium in Europe. Based on more than 30 years experience within the Voice-/Data market, Digium and DATUS AG are bundling their competence for the development of the IP PBX and the Asterisk Business Edition.