Clarity AG

Clarity – a lot more than just telephony

Clarity AG is the only provider that can deliver telephony-based services – from telephone systems to speech dialog systems – via a single, integrated software platform. The module-based system provides flexible configuration features and includes a comprehensive range of expansion options. This means you will receive a solution that is tailored to your specific requirements. Thanks to the software-based design, which allows the systems to be updated easily, you will always be running the latest version.

Benefit from a unique platform

The Clarity Communication Center can be used to integrate cordless telephones, softphones, normal corded telephones and mobile phones as extensions. Telephones, which are not located within a company’s IP network, can be connected to the telecommunication system as remote extensions using a mobile server. Existing ISDN, analog or VoIP telephones can also be connected to Clarity telecommunication systems. The Clarity Communication Center therefore allows you to utilize your existing hardware. The telecommunication system can be used with analog devices, ISDN point-to-multipoint and point-to-point connections, S2M connections, DSL connections and VoIP.

The ideal solution from both a technical and economic perspective

The Clarity Communication Center brings state-of-the-art communication into your company. Thanks to the wide range of possibilities for optimizing your communication, you can increase efficiency levels and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

Benefit from the advantages provided by a Clarity telecommunication system

  • Up and running quickly: a Clarity telecommunication system can be implemented as an extension to your existing system in no time at all.
  • All standard protocols: all common telephone standards are supported: analog telephony, ISDN and Voice over IP.
  • Complete efficiency: waiting loops can be avoided and the workload placed on your telephone exchange can be reduced.
  • Always reachable: thanks to the follow-me function, you will always be reachable, wherever you are. And you will also be able to log in from numerous locations using your extension number!
  • Real flexibility: outgoing calls can be made via your normal desktop telephone or your PC.
  • Optimally networked