brekeke company profile

Brekeke Software, Inc., develops high-quality, innovative SIP communication software products for OEMs, enterprises, and service providers. Brekeke's comprehensive SIP-based family of products enables organizations to seamlessly migrate or integrate IP communication systems into their communications infrastructure. Founded in 2002, Brekeke is headquartered in San Mateo, California.


Product Descriptions: 

[Brekeke PBX]
An award-winning product, Brekeke PBX is a SIP-based IP-PBX system for call centers, enterprises and service providers. Brekeke PBX solutions are cost-effective and provide flexibility to meet each telephony system's requirements. Brekeke PBX comes in two editions: Basic Edition with traditional telephony features and Pro Edition which includes a full set of Call Center features. Brekeke PBX provides trouble-free telephone systems for any organization. Supports both Windows and Linux platforms.

[Brekeke SIP Server]
Brekeke SIP Server provides SIP-based communication platform for service providers and enterprises. The product has original NAT traversal functionality as well as flexible control routing functions. Brekeke SIP Server enables high-quality and reliable IP communications with minimal initial investment. Supported operating systems include Microsoft Windows, Linux, Solaris 10  and @Mac OS X.

[Brekeke JTAPI SDK]
For Java developers, a software development kit for creating SIP-based telephony applications using JTAPI. The example of applications which may be developed include IVR Systems, Conference Server, Callback Systems, or used for converting existing applications into SIP-enabled products and/or applications.

[Brekeke PAL]
Brekeke PBX Active Library (PAL) is a Windows Control Library that allows the creation of companion .NET applications for the Brekeke PBX. Some possible applications that may be developed with the Brekeke PAL include Operator Consoles, Speed Dial Panels, Phone Call Recorders, and Line Status Panels.