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snom and bevuta

All VoIP solutions of bevuta IT are compatible with telephones of the snom technology AG and in fact, many features are only available with these devices.

For example automatic callback, presence functions (display of other devices' status), simple call pickup by pushing just one button and central management of all telephones. Also, the automatic callback has been implemented by bevuta IT in Asterisk especially for the combination of snom and Asterisk systems.

bevuta IT offers the following VoIP solutions:

  • Individualized Asterisk systems on customer requirements: For example with LDAP/Active Directory integration, call center solutions or Asterisk cluster.
  • ipbx – an instand VoIP telephone system, shipping on CD or as appliance. A standard solution for simple manageability, low installation effort and high investment security.
  • - a hosted PBX, that is a telephone system hosted on central servers provided via the internet. This saves you expenses for server hardware, power consumption, maintenance and telephone connection - the only investment are the telephones themselves, straightforward and affordable!

All solutions support the comfort features mentioned above with the snom devices.

bevuta IT - professional VoIP-solutions

  • ipbx - VoIP-Appliance
  • - hosted PBX
  • fonity - phone the benefit

bevuta IT is a telecommunication and computer services company with a special focus on Voice over IP. Today the company, having a background of 16 years of IT projects, implements individual VoIP telephone systems based on the Open Source Software Asterisk, develops a VoIP appliance as a standard solution, offers a hosted PBX solution and is a VoIP telephony provider. A special emphasis is put on their professional approach, creating only modern, high-performance and sustainable solutions. One of bevuta's strong points is that their products and solutions are always customized to the customer's specific requirements and processes.

bevuta IT

bevuta IT has been a partner of snom for many years.

Please find enclosed a selection of projects that have been realized together: