• Snom Efficient Line

    Snom3 series
  • Snom Advanced Line

    Snom 7 series
  • Snom Complementary Line

    Snom m9r
    Snom meeting point
  • Snom Efficient Line: Legendary phone, legendary price



  • Snom Advanced Line: First class quality, first class design

  • Snom Complementary Line: Meet, greet and broadcast



Efficient Line

Secure functional telephones at an unbelievable price. Perfect for any working environment, the Snom Efficient Line is engineered in Germany for reliability, quality and efficiency.


Advanced Line

Secure, high performance IP phones with wideband HD audio for crystal clear sound quality. For executives, managers and knowledge workers, these devices are perfect for a clear overview of numerous extensions, conference calls and for those who consider their telephone to be a key tool in their daily work.

Snom 720

Complementary Line

Snom m9r

The right accessories to get the best and more out of all of your Snom devices: Headsets, wireless, via Bluetooth or the appropriate extension microphones for the MeetingPoint conference phone.

Also available for Snom 3xx phones are klarVOICE handsets which transform the phones into wideband audio devices and the Expansion Module Version 2 for multiplying the busy lamp field to up to 138 keys for a comprehensive overview of extensions.