Markus Schmitt-Fumian

Markus Schmitt-Fumian was appointed to the snom management board as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer in June 2014 and is responsible for marketing, technology and sales.

Prior to his engagement by snom, he spent 12 years in various communications technology management positions at Siemens AG and Gigaset AG. Further posts were held at a number of corporate tech start-ups (IT, product development, sales).

Schmitt-Fumian also holds a masters engineering degree from the Munich University of Applied Sciences and an MBA from the University of Westminster, London. He is married with a daughter.

Dr. Michael Knieling

Since December 2004 Dr. Michael Knieling, COO, has been in charge of finance and administrative operations at snom.

Before he joined snom, he worked as an investment and funds manager at a venture capital company for six years and was on the supervisory board of snom. After obtaining a degree in physics at Warsaw/Dresden and a doctorate at the Technical University of Ilmenau, he devoted himself to technology forecasting and IP strategies at the Patent Office for six years.

Subsequently, he spent eight years leading the Berlin office of an international technology-oriented business consultancy.

Usman Tahir

Usman Tahir, appointed to the management board in 2012, began at snom as Senior Software Engineer in 2001 before becoming VP, Product Management in 2010.

Prior to snom, he had worked as Design Engineer at AVAZ Networks and also at Communications Enabling Technologies. Obtaining a BA in Political Science & Sociology and also a BE (CS & EE) at the National University of Sciences & Technology, Usman then went on to obtain an MBA in International Business at the University of Stuttgart in 2008.